My Stud Muffins
No one has permission to copy any
pictures of my  dogs for any purpose !!!!!
UPDATED 03/30/2018
My Boy's are all
Champion sired
and working on
CH Jan's QuarterBack Sneak
" Eli "
Eli is a very standard male 55
pounds solid muscle perfect top
line  tail set outstanding
movement and head and jaw to
die for and personality to top none
others. My Boy
I do progesterone testing here to assure your female is
ready to breed. I can board your female or ship cooled
semen over night. Please call me for your next stud
service I alway have a males available.
CH Jan's Shock N Awe
" Shocker "
Shocker has a loving new home I just cant take
him down he is just so handsome...
OFA  Certification Normal      
Patellar  # BU-PA552/42M/P-VPI
Cardiac # BU-CA726/42M/P-VPI
CHIC#   80943
HUU N/N Normal -Clear
OFA Certification Normal
Patellar #    BU-PA773/13M/P-VPI
Cardiac #   BU-CA975/13MP-VPI       
CH Jan's Star Chaser
" Chase "  
Chase is a outstanding boy. Hugh head
and jaw tons of bone beautiful topline and
breath taking movement.

Stud fee approved females
Jan's Electric Shock
        " Volt "
Volt is a beautiful Shocker son with great
potential.. Beautiful head and jaw lots of
bone and breath taking movement
OFA Certified Normal
Patellar # BU-PA1062/16M/P-VPI
Cardiac #BU-CA1323/16M/P-VPI
Tracheal Normal BU-TRH715/44M-VPI
Thyroid BU-TH510/44M-VPI
HUU N/N Normal Clear
Chic # 121836
Volt is available to approved
I do not Breed nor will I sell to anyone that Breeds the
OFF COLORS. I only breed and breed to dogs that are
the Standard colors.
            OFA Testing
Cardiac BU-CA1862/34M/P-VPI
Patellar BU-PA1531/34M/P-VPI
Thyroid BU-TH511/34M-VPI
Tracheal Normal BU-TRH720/34M-VPI
Elbow BU-EL258M34-VPI
HUU Carrier
Chic # 121838
Jan's Hundred Proof
      " Whiskey "
Whiskey is a very handsome boy beautiful head and
turn of jaw, outstanding topline.
Whiskey has started in the show ring.
Whiskey is available to
approved females