My Stud Muffins
No one has permission to copy any
pictures of my  dogs for any purpose !!!!!
UPDATED 01/03/2019
My Boy's are all
Champion sired
and working on
CH Jan's QuarterBack Sneak
" Eli "
Eli is a very standard male 55
pounds solid muscle perfect top
line  tail set outstanding
movement and head and jaw to
die for and personality to top none
others. My Boy
I do progesterone testing here to assure your female is
ready to breed. I can board your female or ship cooled
semen over night. Please call me for your next stud
service I alway have a males available.
OFA  Certification Normal      
Patellar  # BU-PA552/42M/P-VPI
Cardiac # BU-CA726/42M/P-VPI
CHIC#   80943
HUU N/N Normal -Clear
OFA Certification Normal
Patellar  #
Cardiac #
HUU N/N Normal -Clear
Cystinuria  Clear/Carrier
CH Jan's Star Chaser
" Chase "  
Chase is a outstanding boy. Hugh head
and jaw tons of bone beautiful topline and
breath taking movement.

Stud fee approved females
OFA Certified Normal
Patellar # BU-PA1062/16M/P-VPI
Cardiac #BU-CA1323/16M/P-VPI
Tracheal Normal BU-TRH715/44M-VPI
Thyroid BU-TH510/44M-VPI
HUU N/N Normal Clear
Chic # 121836
I do not Breed nor will I sell to anyone that Breeds the
OFF COLORS. I only breed and breed to dogs that are
the Standard colors.
Jan's Hundred Proof
" Whiskey "
Whiskey is a very handsome boy beautiful head and
turn of jaw, outstanding topline.
Whiskey has started in the show ring.
Whiskey is available to
approved females
CH. Jan's Private Stock
     " Bourbon "
Bourbon is a outstanding very
standard boy. Full of live the
world is his oyster. Awesome
movement breath taking head
and jaw lots of bone beautiful
topline. I look for him to go far.
Available to
appoved females
Jan's RedHill He's Got The Moves
               " Jagger "
Jagger is a breath taking boy. I
have high hope for him
beautiful head topline and
movement. Jagger is Clear on
both types of stone by parentage
Watch for Jagger in the ring
come spring...
OFA Certified Normal
HUU N/N Normal -Clear
Cystinuria N/N CLEAR