2021 SHOW NEWS!!!!!
They just keep coming I'm so thankful for the
wonderful weekends my bullies and I are having...
Jan's What Dreams R Made Of
BOW on 3/15/2014 to compelet her championship with a big 4 point major
under breeder judge Ms Elaine Andrew at the KY Bulldog Specialty. On
3/16/2014 she went BOS under Breeder judge Ms Diana Engeszer at
the KY Bulldog Specialty on her first day out as a special..
02/07/2013 BOW under judge Mrs Houston (Toddie) Clark for a 3
point major!!!
BOS  Eaton Ohio show 04/27,2013 under judge Mr Eugene Blake
BISS CH K's Note-A-Bul Penny From Heaven
BISS, BOB, BOW, WB under breeder judge Diana Engeszer 5 point major
WB under breeder judge S Ashbaugh for a major..
WB, BOW, BOS under judge Mrs Mary Lou Kniola
WB, BOW, BOS under Judge Mrs Wheat
WB 09/06/2014 under judge Filiberto Arniella
WB BOS under judge Mrs Jacqueline Stacy 09/01/2014 Lexington KY
WB BOW, BOS under judge MR Luis  F. SosaAnderson Kennel club
RWB Cincinnati PM Specialty under judge Mr Armstrong.
WB 04/20/2014 under judge Ms M. A. Miller in Terre Haute

SEL 11/6/2016 Fort Wayne judge Mr Allen Odon
SEL 11/5/2016 Fort Wayne judge Dr Alvin Krause 1 pt
SEL 11/4/2016  Fort Waayne Judge Ms Peggy Lloyd 1 pt
SEL 11/3/2016 judge Ms Denny mounce 1 pt
NEW CHAMPION  WD 6/25/2016  4 point major to finish his championship under judge Dr
Richard Meen
BOW  5/30/2016  Kalamazoo MI judge MS Gallant  Major
WD 5/04/2016  Bulldog Club Of Utah judge Mr. Dan Bandy
BOW 4/23/2016 Shreveport LA.  Judge Mr Don Sutton
BOW 4/22/2016 Shreveport LA. Judge Mr Don Keating
RWD 4/14/2016 Grove OK judge Mrs Murrel Purkhiser
RWD 4/8/2016at the pm  GSDSS to a 5 point major judge Mrs Nancy E. Harrison
RWD 4/8/2016at the am GSDSS to a 5 point major judge Mr Robert Rodenski
WD BOW 09/20/2015 Columbus IN judge Mr Robert D Smith
WD BOW 09/19/2015 Columbus IN Judge Mrs Polly D Smith
WD 07/24/2015 Marion OH Judge Mrs Whitney
WD BOW BOB 04/19/2015 Terre Haute Mr Fred Bassett
WD BOS 04/18/2015 Terre Haute Judge Mrs Sue Goldberg
WD BOW BOB 04/17/2015 Terre Haute , Judge  Mrs Joan Goldstein
RWD 02/05/2015 under judge Mrs H Clark
WD BOW 09/07/2014 under judge Mrs Sandy Wheat
CH Jan's Star Chaser
" Chase "
Jan's She Picked Me
" Pickles "
WB BOW 4/30/2017 Decatur IL  Judge Mrs Joan Scott 3 pt Major
WB BOW 4/28/2014 Decatur IL Judge Mrs Deloris Burkholder 3 pt major
RWB 2/5/2017 St Joseph Mo. Judge Dr Steve Keating
WB 2/4/2017 St Joseph MO. Judge Ms Jan Sigler 2 pt
WB BOW  1/28/2017 Alexandria LA.  Judge <s Gloria Kerr 2 pt
RWB Alexandria LA judge Mr Rodney Merry 1/27/2017
WB BOW BOS 1/26/2017Alexandria LA judge Mr Edd Bivin 2 pt
RWB 01/19/2017 San Antonio Bulldog Club Judge Kathy Hairston
RWB 01/08/2017 Glen Rose TX Judge Mrs Ann Hearn
RBW 11/6/2016 Fort Wayne Judge Mr Allen Odon
RWB 11/5/2016 Fort Wayne Judge Dr Alvin W Krause
RWB 11/4/2016 Fort Wayne IN Judge Ms Peggy Lloyd
RWB 11/3/2016 Fort Wayne IN judge Ms Denny Mounce
WB BOS 9/25/2016 Columbus IN judge  Mrs Jacqueline Stacy 1 pt
RWB 09/24/2016 Columbus IN judge Mrs Ann D Heam
RWB  09/18/2016 Lebanon IN  Mrs Dennis ( Mary Lou) Kniola
BOB,BOW,WB 09/17/2016 Lebanon IN Judge Dr. Steve Keating 2 pt
WB 08/29/2016 Owensboro Judge Mrs Charlette P Patterson 1 pt
WB 08/28/2016 Owensboro Judge Ms Elizabeth Muthard 1 pt
RWB 08/27/2016 Owensboro judge Pamela Bruce
RWB 04/23/2016 Terre Haute Judge Mr Timothy S Robbins
CH Jan's Private Stock
" Bourbon "
Jan's Rags To Riches
" Patches "

RWB 07/07/2018 OK Judge Mr Kerry Lee
RWB 7/01/2018 OK Judge MS Victoria Jordan
WB BOW  6/30/2018 OK Judge Ms Joanne Paulk 3 pt major
WB 6/29/2018 OK Judge Mrs Polly Smith 1 pt
RWB 6/27/2018 OK Judge David Kirkland
WB BOW 6/22/2018 MN Judge Michael Canalizo 4 pt major
WB BOW 6/21/2018 MN Judge Michael Woods 4 pt major
RWB 09/02/2017 Bluegrass Classic Mr Bassett
RWB 09/02/2017 Bluegrass Classic  DR DiNardo
RWB 9/01/2017 Bluegrass Classic Judge Mr Buxton
RWB 8/31/2017 Bluegrass classic Judge Mrs Buxton
BOW 8/20/2017 Anderson Kennel club Judge Mr S. Ishimaru 2 pt
RWB 5/28/2017 Cincinnati Oh  Judge Mr  Hutton
WD BOW  NEW CHAMPION 8/23/2018 Judge Mr Krishnan
WD BOW 8/23/201 Owensboro KY Judge William Unsherwood 3 pt major
RWD 8/15/2017 Muncie IN judge Ken Roux
RWD 08/12/18 Ar. judge Ms Nikki Riggsbee
WD BOW 07/29/2018 TX Judge Mrs Ruth Rohrbach 1 pt
WD 07/14/2018 San Antonio Bulldog Club judge Ken Roux 2 pt
WD BOW  07/13/2018 TX Judge Dr Carol White-Moser 2 pt
RWD 07/07/2018 OK Judge Mr Kerry Lee
WD 6/30/2018 OK Judge Ms Grace Fritz 2 pt
RWD 6/27/2018 OK Judge David Kirkland
WD 6/23/2018 MN Judge Dennis Mccoy 3 pt major
RWD to major 6/22/2018 MN Judge Randy Garren
RWD to major 6/21/2018 MN judge Dr Michael Woods
Jan's Love Has No Limits
 " Lucy  Lou "
WB 2/07/2020 Indy Mr James Noe 3 pt major
RWB to 5 pt major 10/25/2019 NC Bulldog Club Judge Peggy Brekley
RBOB, BOW,  WB  09/22/2019 Columbus IN Judge Ms Wendy Paquette 2 pt
RWB 09/15/2019 Lebanon IN judge Sandra Bingham- Porter
WB 09/14/2019 Lebanon IN judge Mr Randy Garren 1 pt
RWB 9/2/2019 Lexington KY judge Rodney Herner
WB 8/30/2019 Lexington KY Judge Mrs Hedepath 2 pt
RWB 8/22/2019
 Owensboro KY judge Dana Cline
Jan's For The Love Of The Sport
               " Sport "

WD BOW 3/21/20210FL Judge Mrs Linda Krukar 1 pt
RWD 3/20/2021 FL Judge Mrs Penny DiSiena

WD 3/14/2021 FL Judge Dr Valeria Rickard 1 pt
RWD 3/12/2021  FL Judge Gus Sinibadi
RWD 3/11/2021 FL judge Mrs Vicki Abbott
WD 3/7/2020 FL.  judge Dr Azalea Alvarez 1 pt
BOW 3/6/2021 FL judge Dr Steve Keating 1 pt
WD 2/28/2021 Division 8 Speciality Judge Van Bleviens 4 pt major
WD 2/14/2021 judge Mrs Edy Dykastra-Blum 1 pt
WD 2/12/2021 judge Mrs Vicki Crushman 1 pt
WD 2/07/2021 judge Mr Wood Wornall 1 pt
RWD 2/06/2020 judge Kimberly Meredith
RWD 2/4/2020 judge Candace Way
RWD 1/21/2021 to 3 pt major judge Dr Azalea Alvarez
RWD 1/16/2021 to a 5 pt Major  Mr Raymond Filburn