2018 SHOW NEWS!!!!!
They just keep coming I'm so thankful for the
wonderful weekends my bullies and I are having...
CH Jan's Shock N Awe
BOB 07/24/2015 under judge Mrs Whitney Marion OH.
Sel 05/05/2015 under judge Mrs H. Clark
Sel 04/27/2014 under judge Mrs Katona at Eaton OH
Sel 04/26/2014 under judge Mrs Toddie Clark at Eaton OH
Sel 04/19/2014 under judge Ms M S Dobkin at Terre Haute
Sel 04/18/2014 under judge Ms Weekes at Terre Haute
SEL 04/17/2014 under judge Mrs S Marshall  at Terre Haute
BOB under judge Mr Richard V Miller on Sept 15 2013 on to get a GROUP4
SEL on Sept 2 under judge Mrs Mary Lou Kniola
NEW CHAMPION 09/01/2013Lexington KY under judge Ms Elizabeth
WD at Centra Hall PA under Judge Donnelle Richards
WD  for a major on 7/ 7/2013 under judge Mrs Anne K. Catterson in
WD for a major on July 7,2013 under judge Mrs Anne K. Catterson in Springfield
WD on 6/25/2013 under judge Mr Norman B Kenney
WD in Richond VA under judge Mrs. Francine W. Schwartz on 06/22/2013
WD on April 21,2013 at the Terre Haute IN show under judge
BOW at the Terre Haute show on April 19,2013 under judge Ms A. J. Porpora
BOW  at the Terre Haute Show on April 18,2013 under judge Mrs P. J. Hauck
Jan's What Dreams R Made Of
BOW on 3/15/2014 to compelet her championship with a big 4 point major
under breeder judge Ms Elaine Andrew at the KY Bulldog Specialty. On
3/16/2014 she went BOS under Breeder judge Ms Diana Engeszer at
the KY Bulldog Specialty on her first day out as a special..
02/07/2013 BOW under judge Mrs Houston (Toddie) Clark for a 3
point major!!!
BOS  Eaton Ohio show 04/27,2013 under judge Mr Eugene Blake
BISS CH K's Note-A-Bul Penny From Heaven
BISS, BOB, BOW, WB under breeder judge Diana Engeszer 5 point major
WB under breeder judge S Ashbaugh for a major..
WB, BOW, BOS under judge Mrs Mary Lou Kniola
WB, BOW, BOS under Judge Mrs Wheat
WB 09/06/2014 under judge Filiberto Arniella
WB BOS under judge Mrs Jacqueline Stacy 09/01/2014 Lexington KY
WB BOW, BOS under judge MR Luis  F. SosaAnderson Kennel club
RWB Cincinnati PM Specialty under judge Mr Armstrong.
WB 04/20/2014 under judge Ms M. A. Miller in Terre Haute

SEL 11/6/2016 Fort Wayne judge Mr Allen Odon
SEL 11/5/2016 Fort Wayne judge Dr Alvin Krause 1 pt
SEL 11/4/2016  Fort Waayne Judge Ms Peggy Lloyd 1 pt
SEL 11/3/2016 judge Ms Denny mounce 1 pt
NEW CHAMPION  WD 6/25/2016  4 point major to finish his championship under judge Dr
Richard Meen
BOW  5/30/2016  Kalamazoo MI judge MS Gallant  Major
WD 5/04/2016  Bulldog Club Of Utah judge Mr. Dan Bandy
BOW 4/23/2016 Shreveport LA.  Judge Mr Don Sutton
BOW 4/22/2016 Shreveport LA. Judge Mr Don Keating
RWD 4/14/2016 Grove OK judge Mrs Murrel Purkhiser
RWD 4/8/2016at the pm  GSDSS to a 5 point major judge Mrs Nancy E. Harrison
RWD 4/8/2016at the am GSDSS to a 5 point major judge Mr Robert Rodenski
WD BOW 09/20/2015 Columbus IN judge Mr Robert D Smith
WD BOW 09/19/2015 Columbus IN Judge Mrs Polly D Smith
WD 07/24/2015 Marion OH Judge Mrs Whitney
WD BOW BOB 04/19/2015 Terre Haute Mr Fred Bassett
WD BOS 04/18/2015 Terre Haute Judge Mrs Sue Goldberg
WD BOW BOB 04/17/2015 Terre Haute , Judge  Mrs Joan Goldstein
RWD 02/05/2015 under judge Mrs H Clark
WD BOW 09/07/2014 under judge Mrs Sandy Wheat
RWD 8/20/2017 Anderson Kennel club Judge Mr. S. Ishimaru
RWD 8/19/2017 Muncie Kennel club Judge M.D. Smyth
RWD 2/11/2017 Indy judge Mrs RJ Walls to a 4 point major
WD 11/06/2016 Fort Wayne judge Mr Allen L Odon 1 pt
RWD 11/04/2016 Fort Wayne judge Ms Peggy L Lloyd
WD 11/03/2016 Fort Wayne judge Ms Denny C Mounce 1 pt
BOW 5/01/2016 Eaton OH judge Ms Sandra Wheaton 2 points
BOW 4/30/2016 Eaton Ohio Judge Mr Robert E Hutton 2 points
BOW 04/24/2016 Terre Haute IN Judge Ms Mary Miller 1 point
BOW 04/23/2016 Terre Haute IN Judge T.S. Robbins 1 point
WD 04/22/2016 Terre Haute IN judge Mr R J Walls 1 point
RWD 09/13/2015  Lebanon IN  judge Mrs Susan St James
RWD 09/20/2015 Columbus IN judge Mr Robert D Smith
               Jan's Pretty Little Mud Wrestler
                     " Kate "

RWB 10/21/2018 Belton TX judge Ms Sandy Wheat
RWB 10/20/18 Belton TX judge Ms Lew Olson

WB BOS 10/18/18 Belton TX judge Fred Bassett 1 pt
RWB  10/14/18  Canton TX Judge Mrs Stephanie Hedgepath
RWB 10/13/2018 Canton TX Judge Mrs Patricia Trotter
RWB 9/30/2018 Belton Tx Judge Rick Gschwender   
WB BOS 9/29/2018 Belton TX judge Ruth Rohrbach 1 pt
WB BOS  9/22/2018 Belton TX judge Judith Brown 1 pt
RWB 8/26/2018 Owensboro KY Judge Carolyn Taylor
RWB 8/15/2018 Muncie IN judge Ken Roux
WB, BOS 09/19/2015 Columbus IN judge Mrs Polly D Smith 1 pt
RWB 10/29/2015 Fort Wayne judge Mr Dana P Cline
RWB 10/30/2015 Fort Wayne judge Mr James G Reynolds
Jan's Dreams Really Do Come True
RWB 09/20/2015 Columbus IN judge Mr. Robert D Smith
RWB 10/31/2015 Fort Wayne Show judge Mr Stephen Dalnaed
RWB  11/01/2015 Fort Wayne judge Mrs Gloria Geringer
CH Jan's Star Chaser
" Chase "
Jan's She Picked Me
" Pickles "
            NEW CHAMPION!!!!!!!
WB BOW 4/30/2017 Decatur IL  Judge Mrs Joan Scott 3 pt Major
WB BOW 4/28/2014 Decatur IL Judge Mrs Deloris Burkholder 3 pt major
RWB 2/5/2017 St Joseph Mo. Judge Dr Steve Keating
WB 2/4/2017 St Joseph MO. Judge Ms Jan Sigler 2 pt
WB BOW  1/28/2017 Alexandria LA.  Judge <s Gloria Kerr 2 pt
RWB Alexandria LA judge Mr Rodney Merry 1/27/2017
WB BOW BOS 1/26/2017Alexandria LA judge Mr Edd Bivin 2 pt
RWB 01/19/2017 San Antonio Bulldog Club Judge Kathy Hairston
RWB 01/08/2017 Glen Rose TX Judge Mrs Ann Hearn
RBW 11/6/2016 Fort Wayne Judge Mr Allen Odon
RWB 11/5/2016 Fort Wayne Judge Dr Alvin W Krause
RWB 11/4/2016 Fort Wayne IN Judge Ms Peggy Lloyd
RWB 11/3/2016 Fort Wayne IN judge Ms Denny Mounce
WB BOS 9/25/2016 Columbus IN judge  Mrs Jacqueline Stacy 1 pt
RWB 09/24/2016 Columbus IN judge Mrs Ann D Heam
RWB  09/18/2016 Lebanon IN  Mrs Dennis ( Mary Lou) Kniola
BOB,BOW,WB 09/17/2016 Lebanon IN Judge Dr. Steve Keating 2 pt
WB 08/29/2016 Owensboro Judge Mrs Charlette P Patterson 1 pt
WB 08/28/2016 Owensboro Judge Ms Elizabeth Muthard 1 pt
RWB 08/27/2016 Owensboro judge Pamela Bruce
RWB 04/23/2016 Terre Haute Judge Mr Timothy S Robbins
CH Jan's Private Stock
      " Bourbon "
Jan's Electric Shock
" Volt "

WB BOS 5/28/2017 Cincinnati Oh Judge Mr Hutton 1 pt
RWB 5/27/2017 Cincinnati Oh Judge Ms Herbel
RWB 5/26/2017 Cincinnati OH Judge Mrs Hansen
Jan's Summer Lovin Rose
" Rose "
Jan's Rags To Riches
        " Patches "

RWB 07/07/2018 OK Judge Mr Kerry Lee
RWB 7/01/2018 OK Judge MS Victoria Jordan
WB BOW  6/30/2018 OK Judge Ms Joanne Paulk 3 pt major
WB 6/29/2018 OK Judge Mrs Polly Smith 1 pt
RWB 6/27/2018 OK Judge David Kirkland
WB BOW 6/22/2018 MN Judge Michael Canalizo 4 pt major
WB BOW 6/21/2018 MN Judge Michael Woods 4 pt major
RWB 09/02/2017 Bluegrass Classic Mr Bassett
RWB 09/02/2017 Bluegrass Classic  DR DiNardo
RWB 9/01/2017 Bluegrass Classic Judge Mr Buxton
RWB 8/31/2017 Bluegrass classic Judge Mrs Buxton
BOW 8/20/2017 Anderson Kennel club Judge Mr S. Ishimaru 2 pt
RWB 5/28/2017 Cincinnati Oh  Judge Mr  Hutton
Jan's Hundred Proof
" Whiskey "
RWD 8/17/2017 Muncie Kennel Club Judge Mr C. M. Wakefield
WD BOW  NEW CHAMPION 8/23/2018 Judge Mr Krishnan
WD BOW 8/23/201 Owensboro KY Judge William Unsherwood 3 pt major
RWD 8/15/2017 Muncie IN judge Ken Roux
RWD 08/12/18 Ar. judge Ms Nikki Riggsbee
WD BOW 07/29/2018 TX Judge Mrs Ruth Rohrbach 1 pt
WD 07/14/2018 San Antonio Bulldog Club judge Ken Roux 2 pt
WD BOW  07/13/2018 TX Judge Dr Carol White-Moser 2 pt
RWD 07/07/2018 OK Judge Mr Kerry Lee
WD 6/30/2018 OK Judge Ms Grace Fritz 2 pt
RWD 6/27/2018 OK Judge David Kirkland
WD 6/23/2018 MN Judge Dennis Mccoy 3 pt major
RWD to major 6/22/2018 MN Judge Randy Garren
RWD to major 6/21/2018 MN judge Dr Michael Woods