Jan's Bulldogs guarantees that the puppy you bought is in good physical health Has
been vet checked. And that all necessary shots have been given, I also micro chip
and put every pup on it's first month of heart worm preventive.
I recommend all buyers to take there pup to a licensed veterinarian of there choice
48 hours of the time they receive their pup. ( Please make vet.
Appointments before you get your pup, It is very hard to get them worked into
your vet.) Jansbulldogs must be informed immediately of this examination. Should
said pup be determined to be unfit for purchase due to illness or heart defect or
any life threating disease, The pup may be returned with a written veterinarian
diagnosis .I do not give CASH refunds but will give you a credit and transfer your
deposit to another litter.
Jansbulldogs will  replace a pup that dies within the first six months of life from  
hereditary heart. I will replace the pup with same sex, and equal value provided the
conditions below are met and kept by the buyer.
1.Seller has first buy back rights.
2.Providing a veterinarian necropsy report which indicates the defect that clearly
cause the puppy's death. Buyer pays all cost of obtaining replacement pup.
3.Buyer agrees to provide all routine veterinary care, including shots, routine
wormings, and heart worm preventive Med's. And record of such care.
4.Buyer understands contract and accepts the terms of said contract and contract
is void if the above care is not give and proof is not kept.
5. I do not cover : Cherry eyes, Entropy, skin Allergies.
6. I will not be responsible for any veterinarian fees or costs. The buyer is aware
that this is their responsible.
7.There is no guarantee that said pup is show quality or breed able, even though
the potential is their.
8.This contract is only valid for the original buyer it is none transferable.
I the buyer have read and understands fully the contents of said contract and
acknowledges  getting it.
Signature of Seller:____________________
Signature of Buyer:____________________
Puppy MUST be registered with AKC within 6 weeks of pickup. I'm a
preferred breeder and I need this in order to keep my standing. If not it will
void your puppy contract..

Email Jansbulldogs2000@hotmail.com
This puppy contract must be signed and sent with your deposit for your puppy.
Please print it and sign it for me, and Thanks for choosing one of my Pups.